soccer4children Camp – January 2012 – Day 3

66 Boys woke up this morning with the prospect of quality life coaching and soccer training by highly trained soccer coaches. They’d got a taste, the previous day, of the dedication and hard work it takes to become a skilled player.

With their new watches and commitment to punctuality, they arrived for some life coaching in the morning devotion.

After breakfast it was time to prepare and report for training on the Eikenhof LifeChange Centers soccer fields. They were put through their moves by their coaches with head coach Khulu overseeing the training.

The children who are attending the soccer4children camp are sent by High Impact Network churches, and for lunch, some children were joined by their church pastors, who came to get an update on how the camp was going.

Clothing4children had given bags of boys clothing to soccer4children. So after lunch each child could choose items of clothing from the huge heap of clothes, sorted into pants, shorts, shirts, t-shirts, and jackets.

Then it was time for the afternoon training session, pulling out all the stops, the boys gave it their all, knowing that teams would soon be chosen for the matches to be played in the coming days.

After a nice hot shower and hearty meal, they gathered in the Jabez hall for the second part in the Old Testament training session, led by Ray Strydom from Learning Adventures. This Walk Thru the Old Testament takes you through the Bible in a fun, interactive way that is so exciting, before they realize it, they know the whole Old Testament story and God’s plan in this world.

To find out more about the soccer4children initiative, or to donate your time, equipment or funds, please click here.

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Experience the excitement of the goals and how much they meant!

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