“The dream making a difference…”

Everyone involved with the soccer4children soccer camp knows the tall gentleman who always seems to be in a hurry to be somewhere, but nobody really knows exactly who he is and what he is doing at the camp.

Phillip (left) and Elsa (right) steadying the banners

Phillip Shapiro, the lanky gentleman in question, brings seven years of experience with coordinating events and generally ensuring that the whole experience has no hiccups. He is the unsung hero who makes certain that everything is coordinated well, and that, if there are any issues, they are resolved immediately and effectively.

Phillip Shapiro at Soccer City

He is a consultant currently engaged in working with an organization called “Build the Future”, who specialize in securing sponsorships for pre school children in a protective environment, with the emphasis on early learning development.

In his own words, “ There are approximately three hundred and fifty thousand documented cases of children who have no preschooling in our country at the moment.” The organization he works for aims to redress that imbalance, and change the statistics to reflect a more positive trend.

A year ago, he was approached by Turn the tide 4 children CEO Martin Deacon, and an agreement was struck whereby he would oversee the hosting of mission trips, as well as coordinating events.

Phillip explaining his role to the children

The CEO (Martin Deacon) roped in his talents when the soccer4children idea was still in its conception phase, and started with encouraging private individuals to sponsor a child, at R200 per child.

It is while the idea grew, that Phillip became actively involved in interviewing potential coaching candidates, as well as conducting checks with regards to equipment, supplies, and generally seeing to it that the clinic was progressing well.

Phillip commented that he sees “ The dream making a difference, and that it has been extremely rewarding to be a part of the experience, as well as seeing the children’s joy at playing soccer at the iconic Soccer City stadium.”

We are exceedingly grateful for the wealth of experience he has brought to this initiative, and are comforted in the knowledge that Phillip will be on hand to lend his time and experience in making the aimed 2011 soccer clinics as much of a success as this year’s soccer clinic.

To find out more about soccer 4 children, or to donate your time, equipment or funds, please click here.

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