soccer4children Camp – January 2012 – Day 4

The boys attending the second soccer4children camp, not only receive soccer training from top-class professional coaches, but are also ‘coached in life’. From spiritual mentoring to leadership training and time management, to name a few.

Today was the turn of the Silver Ring Thing. This initiative aims to shift the culture of teens so that it is cool to stay abstinent until marriage – therefore protecting our youth from many STD’s including HIV/AIDS, and also the emotional trauma, guilt and hurt that it always leads to.

After breakfast and devotions, Pastor Elvis Mvulane, the CEO of the Silver Ring Thing in South Africa, lead the boys in an exciting Silver Ring Thing session, explaining the dangers of pre-marital sex (physical and emotional), the benefits of waiting until marriage and the redemptive grace of second chances. After the session, each boy made the pledge to remain abstinence until marriage and put on the silver ring as a reminder of his promise.

Now, once again, it was time for soccer!!

Under the leadership of Head Coach Khulu, the coaches focused on ball skills and technique, taking the boys that one step closer to their dreams of soccer glory.

After a day of life lessons and soccer training, it was time to relax and end the day with a hilarious dvd. Tomorrow was going to be filled with excitement!

See the photos:


See an overview of the whole experience from the Jan 2012 soccer4children camp!


Experience the excitement of the goals and how much they meant!

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