Giving the gift of giving…

After the rains had subsided, the soccer4children clinic held at Eikenhof saw the children being granted the opportunity to reciprocate the gesture of giving they had been receiving at the camp.

The children were taken to Mondeor, where, under the guidance of Elvis Mvulane (Turn the tide 4 children National Director), they handed out clothing from the clothing4children drive.

A clearly delighted recipient with his bag of clothes

They took to it with much aplomb, and children and adults bussed in from several poor communities were treated to a day during which the soccer4children clinic were on the giving end.

The event was well organized by Elvis, and the children were delighted that they were now on the giving end, making them feel part of the movement whose aim it is to impact the lives of others through drives like the one spearheaded by clothing4children.

The clothes awaiting their new owners

While they were engaged in this undertaking, about thirty children from Eikenhof and its surrounding areas, were treated to a day at the soccer clinic, and enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Watching a screening of "Beat the Drum"

They staged an impromptu seven-a-side soccer match, and watched the movie, “Beat the drum” which deals with the effects of HIV/Aids in contemporary South African society, and coach Khulu was on hand to dispense some advice on lifestyle choices and the dangers of succumbing to peer pressure.

The children were brought in by Muzi Mkhize, who stated that, “The experience was a great first time for the boys…” He is part of the Angels foundation, who educates families in the area by spreading and fostering a spirit of humaness. Their main focus is on the spiritual growth of the children, as well as educating them on food, hygiene and lifestyle choices.

Muzi remarked that, “ …they are looking forward to being invited to the 2011 soccer4children clinic”, after witnessing the boys keenly displaying their prowess during the seven-a-side soccer match.

The visitors happily tucking into lunch

The children were treated to a McDonald’s meal, and it was heartwarming to hear their heartfelt thanks after having enjoying the meal. Prior to their departure, they were each handed a bag of clothing and shoes, courtesy of the clothing4children drive, and the sheer joy and pleasure from the excitement beaming from their faces was a sight to behold.

To find out more about the soccer4children initiative, or to donate your time, equipment or funds, please click here.

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