soccer4children Camp – January 2012 – Day 5

Day 5 of the soccer4children camp was to be filled with excitement, because today the 66 soccer4children boys were going to visit the Orlando Soccer Stadium in Soweto. The home of many famous soccer players! After breakfast the bus arrived at 08:30 to start their soccer tour!

At Orlando Stadium the boys and their coaches were welcomed by the management, who briefed them on how the stadium worked. They then took a tour of the stadium: the players locker rooms, bathrooms and gym. They also saw the president’s suit. They were shown how the stadium dynamics worked and the lot of work it took to keep it going and looking good.

Then it was time for soccer! After warming up the boys had the privilege of playing on the very same field their soccer heroes play on! Two games were played between the teams – kitted out is proper soccer gear, thanks to My Spar and Sparbucks!

Lunch was a treat given by the stadium management, after which the morning’s two winning teams played against each other to find the champions of the stadium!

After returning to Eikenhof LifeChange Centre, the boys enjoyed some time off to relax. They ended this memorable day with a hearty supper and a movie!

All the action:


See an overview of the whole experience from the Jan 2012 soccer4children camp!


Experience the excitement of the goals and how much they meant!

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