soccer4children Camp – January 2012 – Day 6

The final day had arrived. The boys were up early and eager to start the day. Breakfast was served and no time was wasted: they were out on the field warming up and practicing their chants.

Kings School arrived around 8am and too had some time to warm up before the first game. 9am was the juniors kick off, the game was won by the soccer4children boys, 10 – 0. At 10:30, the seniors played the second game which was also won by the soccer4children boys, 10 – 0. Congratulations Guys !

Mr. Maurice Radede from SASOL handed out the medals to the losing team players and they were congratulated on good sportsmanship and valiant effort, since they had not been given time to practice much as a team so early in the year. King School was also treated to lunch by soccer4children after that.

Nedbank representative, Liezell Brits, next presented to soccer4children boys with a wonderful ‘Back-to-school’ kit, a school bag and stationary. This was a great gift and soccer4 children thanks Nedbank for this donation and the watches they received on Day 1.

As a special treat, Mr.Kirsten Nematendani, the SAFA President spoke to the soccer4children boys, telling them the importance of finishing school and having goals. He presented the trophies to the winning captains and medals to each of the players.

As a grand finale,  everybody got together to enjoy a nice afternoon ‘braai’ before leaving for home.

soccer4children would also like express their great appreciation to Sparbucks and My Spar for sponsoring this second soccer4children camp. Without you, this week wouldn’t have been so memorable. Thank you for caring about our children!

To find out more about the soccer4children initiative, or to donate your time, equipment or funds, please click here.


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Experience the excitement of the goals and how much they meant!

See the last day’s photo’s:

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