Trained in soccer – Coached in Life

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lives transformed and communities impacted

10,000 players for Life by 2015

soccer4children seeks to use the power and attraction of soccer to empower children with soccer and life skills.

Children receive a holistic and professional coaching experience. Going beyond the standard one-day experience, the seven-day soccer camp dynamic fully engages them from morning to evening in both soccer and life skills. By means of positive messaging, role models, competition and team building exercises, self-discovery is encouraged.

A key component is letting children experience the dream of playing at world-class venues. During the soccer camp they also hear the importance of academic, social and leadership development. Children are positively taught values that will protect them from social problems, including drugs, alcohol and HIV/AIDS.

soccer4children seeks to identify soccer talent and through an intentional follow-up program invite children with extra-ordinary talent back to further camps and opportunities. soccer4children has the unique role of linking grass roots communities with high level soccer experiences. This includes a standing invitation to bring our best found local talent to Europe for an annual soccer tour. soccer4children desires to identify, train and launch a new champion team of players for South Africa

soccer4children believes God-given talent is meant to be found, developed and celebrated – to both enhance soccer and change communities.

soccer4children aims to positively impact the lives of 10,000 southern African children by 2015.